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Monday, November 8, 2010

Adoption Yard Sale

What a CRAZY weekend?! This past Saturday, we held our massive yard sale! Over the past several weeks, we have had a ton of items donated to us from friends to be sold in the yard sale. Our shed behind the church was jam packed with things to sell. On Friday, Nov. 5th, we had an official 'drop off' time where we collected even more items that couldn't fit in the shed. You name it and I guarantee we had it for sale-from pool tables to weed-eaters; ninja stars to baby clothes.

Saturday morning began at 4am with a brave group of men to move tables and all the items into the designated area. It was 45 degrees that morning here in Orlando!!! Coffee was a must. By 7am, everything was out, priced, and ready to be sold! It looked like a Walmart with everything we had! The cold weather delayed the crowds until around 8am. We had a steady stream of buyers from 8am-2pm and even several people for 3 hours after the official end time. By 5:30pm, everything was cleaned up and packed away.

Our grand total from Saturday and some extra donations on Sunday was....


It was such an amazing weekend for us! We were thankful for the great team of friends who worked with us on Friday evening and all day Saturday. Summer's sister and mother flew in from North Carolina and Jamaica respectively to assist in the great adventure!

We still have a ton of nice items that we plan on selling this coming weekend at a community yard sale down the street.

Once we finish our dossier, we have a hefty payment that will be due that totals between $6,500-$7,500. Between this yard sale and other generous donations over the past week, we are expecting to be able to write a check for the amount due. God has been so faithful to us!

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  1. I was completely overwhelmed by the amount of support you have at your church. The people of Eastpoint Fellowship who sacrificed of their time and energy to help pull this yard sale off are just an absolute blessing. I am praying that God will multiply that money raised over and over until we bring that sweet baby boy home. You two are going to be great parents. I love you and admire you both! Mom Titus