This is the package that carried our hearts through Paris, Dubai, and on to Ethiopia :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Things we've been given by friends and family, or acquired from consignment sales. This is our hope room - this room makes us happy :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

We mailed our I-600 form today, which was such a relief! We have been waiting for several weeks to get the original copies of our completed home study from our case worker. There were a couple of minor setbacks in getting those completed, but everything is good now and we can move forward to the next step! At this point, we wait for approval from the government to be able to bring a child here from Ethiopia. This could take anywhere from 6-12 weeks. Hurry up and wait! After we get approval, we can officially send in our dossier and begin waiting for a referral! My heart longs for Silas.

Prayer requests:
1. Join us in praying for Silas if you aren't already. Pray for his health, and that he can be united with us as soon as possible. Pray for the nannies at the transitional home as they will care for him.
2. Pray for his birthmother. Pray that God will give her peace in her heart. I'm not sure what her situation is, but I'm sure she is scared and needs peace about her decision.
3. Pray for the whole paperwork process. Pray that all the documents get into the right hands, and that there won't be any setbacks! Pray that the I-600 doesn't take 12 weeks to approve.
4. Pray for me. I am emotional. I don't have a growing belly, have ultrasounds, or feel kicks. Some people don't "get" adoption, or are just insensitive in the things that they say. They don't see adopting a child to start a family the same as having "your own" child. I live through each day with the hope of Silas and dreams of our trip to Africa to get him. I am so thankful for those who ask about Silas and our process. Thank you for loving us and loving him!

God sent several people to my office today that really encouraged my heart! The first was a lady this morning that is a missionary to Africa. She was so excited to hear about our adoption, and gave me some great advice. She was saying that I really needed to find a christian family here in Orlando that is originally from Africa that can be a part of Silas's life. It will be important for him culturally and identity wise. Being black herself, she also gave me some great tips on how to deal with his hair! :)

Later on this afternoon, God sent some other people to me. They are a christian family that goes to First Baptist Orlando, and are from Nigeria! They also spoke very encouraging words. I told them I would love to get to know them better and learn from them about their culture, foods, etc. God is good!